Profile Spotlight: Chris Hersey

Creativity meets creation in Chris Hersey's inspiring story about Detroit BMX bikers and their drive to build a community from the rubble:

One Day in Detroit: bmx from Christopher Hersey on Vimeo.

Who are you and what is your profession?.

I am Chris Hersey and currently living and working in the Detroit area as a Filmmaker.

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?

I grew up in metro Detroit with what I'd consider a pretty average suburban upbringing. My teenage years where full of BMX, skateparks and punk and hardcore bands. When I graduated High School I thought I as going to be a carpenter for the rest of my life.

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I think it's easy to say that my experiences and opportunities though BMX is what lead me to become a filmmaker. I got my first camera to film my friends on BMX bikes. We went on countless road trips and adventures solely for the purpose to find new and unique places to ride our bikes, the camera was just a tool to help me capture those moments and tell those stories. BMX became something greater for my friends and I as we all grew up and pursued jobs that in one way or another were spurred from BMX. I was always trying to push the quality of videos I was making with my friends, and eventually I ultimately wanted to tell stories.

Who or what do you most admire?

I admire people who pursue what they love and are passionate about. People who take risks.

What do you love about Detroit?

I love Detroit for what it is. There are a lot of bad things yes, but ultimately there is a large opportunity for hope and redefinition. I love that Detroit is full of people not waiting on the city or others to make change, but actually are willing to take charge and push for change themselves.

What do you fear most for Detroit?

I fear a Detroit full of average. In a sense, like my friend Jeff Tabb said, "I fear a Detroit without the character that his has now."

What do you hope for Detroit in the next 20 years?

I hope Detroit continues to grow in the already unique ways that it has been. I hope for more mom and pop shops and more community focused collectives. I hope for new growth and new ideas that continue to educate and empower people.

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